Take Farming Seriously: Maxwell Odonkor Advices Central University Students

Maxwell Odonkor, Founder and Executive Director of World Inspiring Network, has urged the youth to take off their suits and venture into farming business.

According to Maxwell, most graduates hate it to go into farming. However, it is one of the best avenues to make plenty of money.

The Executive Director said this whilst addressing students on “Entrepreneurship In The 21st Century” at the Central University Campus in Accra on Friday, January 14th, 2022.

Maxwell Odonkor said, farming is one of the serious business sectors that is transforming countries around the world and reiterated the call for the youth to go into farming.

“All you have to do is to start little and think big. I started with just one acre of Cocoa farm with my parents when I was on campus and as of today, we have over 33 acres”. Maxwell Odonkor added.

He further added that the government is committed to the growth of the sector and that is why the “Youth In Innovative Agriculture Programme” was introduced as a means of supporting youths who are interested in going into farming.

The event was organized by the Women’s Commissioner of the Central University led by the president, Tracy Dove in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Association (FASSA).

Dr. Thomas Mensah, Ernest Kwabena Opare Owusu, founder of the Prairie Concept and popularly known as Kobby Prairie, and Monnie Young were among the top speakers who graced the occasion.

At the end of the event, the participants got empowered to start their own businesses with the little they have.

About World Inspiring Network

World Inspiring Network is a global community of volunteers that believes everyone deserves access to quality education. The team aims to empower young people in Ghana, focusing on both the development of the individual child and the community that they belong to. World Inspiring Network was founded in 2016 by Maxwell Odonkor and has grown considerably since its inception.

Over the years, World Inspiring Network in collaboration with its partners has impacted the lives of the deprived through the provision of quality education. In 2021, World Inspiring Network donated school uniforms, school bags, sandals, notebooks, exercise books, and more to 90 beneficiaries from Besebuom, Ahomahomasu, and Tafi Mador.

In 2022, World Inspiring Network has joined hands with the Isabelle’s Heart Foundation USA to further the good work and impact more.

About the Isabelle’s Heart Foundation

The Isabelle’s Heart Foundation was founded by Isabelle Dubroy, a 16-year-old musician who began her music career at age 4. The foundation works to try to help out giving Back to my community.

A native of Greenville, North Carolina, 16-year old, Isabelle Alyssa Dubroy is a talented artist and actress. Her talents range from playing a variety of instruments, such as drums, guitar, and piano, to singing, rhyming, acting, modeling, and dancing. In addition to the performance arts, Isabelle enjoys swimming and gymnastics–starting both at a very young age. With a passion for helping unfortunate children and families, she hopes to one day reach her goal of becoming a Pediatrician to aid in the welfare of children all over the world.

About The Prairie Concept

The Prairie Concept is a Marketing, Public Relations, and Brand Consultancy Company located in Accra, Ghana. The company helps its clients obtain business objectives, creating relevant content & promos.




World Inspiring Network is a nonprofit that supports the education of children and youth in rural parts of Ghana. We also empower the youth as well as women.

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World Inspiring Network

World Inspiring Network

World Inspiring Network is a nonprofit that supports the education of children and youth in rural parts of Ghana. We also empower the youth as well as women.

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